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Felicity Ingram / E2

Felicity is a fabulous Beauty and Fashion Photographer, based in Shoreditch E2! She welcomed us into her studio today..have a look!

Can you to tell us a bit about yourself?
People know me for my bright red hair, high heels and black clothes.
I enjoy live jazz music, 1920′s antiques, and a good coffee.
In which area of London do you live in? 
My apartment is in Wandsworth, which is a nice contrast to my busy work life in Shoreditch.
I often say “I live in Shoreditch, but I sleep in Wandsworth”.
Tell us a bit about your work!
My main influence is Irving Penn. My Beauty work is experimental and conceptual, but with a polishing, clean style.
It’s an extension of my personality.
Do you think Shoreditch influenced your practice in any way?
Shoreditch has a nice vibe and is full of creative people.
I have BDI (my printers) and Hempstead May (my retouchers) just around the corner.
Is there an inspiring spot in your neighbourhood that you would like to tell us about or you like to spend time in?
My favourite studio is “Mum and Dads Studios” a few meters away on curtain road.
After work I sometime like to pop into Jaguar Shoes with my friends. It’s always cool to see the different Art installations. It’s a great idea to showcase artists work.
If you weren’t living in London, is there any other place you would like to live into?
Paris or New York.
What advice would you give to a young artist who is about to relocate to London?
Remember to enjoy yourself, it’s not all about work.
You can find out more about Felicity here:


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