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Suzko / E3

Today we are host of the Amazing Susie Lowe, Suzko in art, a painter who lives in Roman Road E3, have a peek at her bright colorful life!

Can you to tell us a bit about yourself?

Sure. I’m Susie or Suzko, whatever you prefer. Im a 28 year old artist, born and bred in London
Town and residing in Bow along with my partner and our cat, Si-Si.

How is the area of London in which you live in?

Well, I was brought up in North London and since then have moved all over South London and now
I’m East. I’m a relative newbie to the East End; I’ve always gone out round these parts but it’s the
first time setting up home here and so far, Im friggin loving it! Bow’s great! Im a stones throw away
from Viccy Park and the canals, real close to the artists communities of Fish Island and Hackney
Wick and a short bus ride from Shoreditch and the City. It’s just the perfect area.

Tell us a bit about your beatiful art!

I’ve been creating art all my life but only started selling paintings and working as a professional
about 4 years ago. I started as a portrait artist as this and figurative work is where my real passion
lies. I then progressed to doing very different subject matters such as ‘animals with weapons’ and
began focussing on a more illustrative style. It was during this period that I made friends with a great
group of other female artists and started doing live art events around the country.
Apart from all of this I also work as a freelance Stylist Assistant as Art doesn’t always pay the bills
but I absolutely love both of my careers and feel incredibly blessed to be able to live off them.

Do you think that the area in which you live has influenced your practice?
What about London in general?

I think London in general is a fantastic place for all creatively minded people. There are so many
opportunities to be found here. Having said that there is also a hell of a lot more competition as
there is so much talent to contend with that you have to fight to be seen or recognised at times. I think
London’s influenced my practice in terms of just allowing me the freedom to do what it is that I’m
doing, with the confidence to know that I can make a career out of what I love and not just keep it as a
passion or a hobby.

Is there any spot in your neighborhood that you like and would like to tell us
about? Or that inspire you in particular?

I love the area as a whole really but one place in particular that I drop by frequently is ‘Georges
Plaice’. It’s this amazing little shutter just down the road from me, run by Tom who sells fish and
seafood and all things East End. I tend to pass on the jellied eels but the prawns are crazy good!

Can you talk about your beautiful house? We are loving the colors and..what a
great terrace you got!

Yeah, I love our flat, it’s amaaaaazing! We moved here back in February this year and it was the
terrace that did it for us. There’s nothing like having your own private bit of outside paradise in a
city that’s so cramped and claustrophobic. My partner’s a music producer and we both work from
home half of the year. It doesn’t look like it but the flat’s actually pretty small but we’re gradually
making it work so that we don’t invade each others working space too much. The place is all white
which is a great excuse to inject as much vibrant colour into all the furnishings and accessories. I like colour. I guess this is pretty obvious to see through my paintings as well.


Is the any other city that you could see yourself living in?

Barcelona Barcelona Barcelona!! I haven’t managed to get over there in recent years but it’s always
been somewhere I’ve wanted to live at some point in my life. I love absolutely everything about the
place; the people, the vibe, the language, everything! I was very close to moving and studying there
at the age of 18 but backed out at the last minute . . . kicking myself for it now.

Do you have any advice for a young artist who is about to relocate to London?

Errrrr, having always lived here I can’t imagine what it must be like to move here for the first time.
If you have friends in London then look them up, if not, make some; quick. London can be lonely if
you don’t know people or the right places to go. Don’t be tempted to always lock yourself away at
home making art, it can be a very solitary existence that can bring you down. Get out there and meet
likeminded creatives. Have fun first, start working later.

Thank you Suzko for having us!

You can see more of Suzko’s work on here:


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