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Ricki Nerreter / SE7

Today we have the pleasure to feature the lovely and incredibly creative Ricki, who build unique and colorful sculptures:

Hi Ricki! Can you to tell us a bit about yourself?

I was born in Germany studied Art there and came to the UK about 7 years ago.
I started off with drawings and painting but with 38 I had a stroke and that affected my sight temporarily so I needed another way to express myself.
That is when I started with my installations.I use old childhood toys and trinkets from all over the world to build them, it is really a 3 Dimensional Diary to me.



Tell us a bit about your gorgeous sculptures and your art! What is your background?

The Idea behind my art is really to capture moments under glass, like a memorandum or diary entry.

They seems to be very colourful at a first look; but all of them have a deeper and darker hidden side as well. I like to leave it open for the viewer to make his own assumptions but I also like to explain every detail if the viewer asks, nothing in my work is accidental.



How is the area of London in which you live in? And do you think it has influenced your practice in any way? What about London in general?

I live in Charlton/Greenwich. I love it there as it has a Village feel and lots of fantastic Parks here.
Yes it has, I like that London has so many faces, it is inspiring on every level. I like the mixture between Dirt and Beauty and Dirt. I like the diversity in people and places.


Is there any spot in your neighborhood that you like and would like to tell us about? Or that inspire you in particular?

It would be Maryon Park just around the corner.
First of all I take my dog there every day and I like seeing the seasons change .
But also one of my favourite films were filmed here in 1966 “Blow Up”. It still looks and feels the same like in this movie. That is what London is about standing still and moving on at the same time.


Can you talk about your very pretty flat?!

Oh it is my studio at the same time. So really I am in the middle of my art all the time. I like it as this enables me to work ad hoc, i.e. I don’t need to travel somewhere when the Idea for a new piece kicks in.
Some things I have since many years and they have a deep meaning to me.
My flat is a collection of the things I love and found on my journey through life; colorful yet somehow structured to have the mental space to create.
I share it with Mr Paul (My Dog) so really it is a two man show most of the time.



Is the any other city that you could see yourself living in?

I have seen many other Cities and I always felt compelled to return to London.
So really you could say that Is my Hometown where I like to have my “New” roots.

Do you have any advice for a young artist who is about to relocate to London?

It is not cheap to live here, but the experiences you make the people you meet, all this is are priceless.
Try to get out there and take in everything as it will inspire you like no other city.

Thank you Ricki for this very lovely day!


You can see more of Ricki’s work here:

at the “other art fair”

and on facebook:


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