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Alice Grace E1

I recently had the pleasure of meeting the Fabulous Alice Grace; singer, songwriter and DJ, based in E1. Her lovely flat is not only located on trendy Brick Lane, but it also has a fantastic rooftop to hang out on!

Can you to tell us a bit about yourself ?
I am 25 years old. I’m a capricorn. I love chocolate, soul singers and lots of bass in my music.

How is the area of London in which you live in?

I have lived in London all my life. I originally moved to East London when I began my music degree at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. And I’ve pretty much lived around here ever since!

Brick Lane is such a fascinating and enchanting area. I am always skipping between my favourite old haunts and new exciting places I’ve come across.

Tell us a bit about your work!

I’m a freelance musician.. I divide my week between teaching music, writing music, and gigging, either as a DJ or as a singer. So much of being a freelance musician involves self-promotion, which can get a little tedious, however, the amazing side of my job is spending time finding new music, creating sets, writing new songs, playing with other artists and DJs, doing radio shows, and performing myself!

Do you think that the area in which you live has influenced your practice?

Definitely! Shoreditch and Brick Lane have always been thriving areas for live gigs and big events, and I have been spoiled for choice with nights out which expose me to a wide variety of artists and genres. As an artist myself, it continues to help encourage and influence me. I also started doing most of my DJing around this area, which helped me to grow and develop my style.

What about London in general?

In general, this city is overwhelmingly beautiful. It is a vibrantly artistic and cultural place, that is why so many people are drawn to study/work/live here, and why so many of us find it difficult to ever leave! My favourite quote is ‘If a man is bored of London, he is bored of life.’ I believe London has so much to offer us – we just have to open our eyes, and want to enjoy it all.

Is there an inspiring spot in your neighborhood that you would like to tell us about?

I love to sit in the sunshine outside my favourite espresso bar on Osbourne Street called Love In A Cup, walk around the markets in Spitalfields and Brick Lane, or walk down to the Thames and alongside the river – especially as it starts to get darker and everything is lit up.

Can you talk about your lovely flat and your workspace?

My flat was a fabulous find, I was very lucky to come across it while I was at music college, and my flatmates have become close friends of mine. I have lived here for the last few years! It is a very bohemian style flat – small and falling apart, with lots of plants and washing everywhere, red stairs, and a roof top we like to have bbq’s on :-)

Is there any other city/town in which you lived or that you would like to live into?

I lived in Amsterdam in the 3rd year of my music degree – it is such an enchanting city, I loved it there. Brick Lane has a similar feeling with its fashion and music diversity. Other cities I admire and would love to live in are Berlin, New York and Sydney.

Do you have any advice for a young artist who is about to relocate to London?

Get to know the city! There is so much to offer and everyone is friendly. Walk around, rent a bike, go to as many free gigs as you can where you will easily meet people and become involved in the scene you want.

Thank you Alice for this lovely day and for the fantastic coffee!

Thank you!! :-)

You can find out more about Alice Grace here:

twitter: @alicegracemusic




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